To install HERCULES, you need a Linux environment and these software packages:

  1. A GNU or Intel C compiler, e.g., gcc or icc.
  2. A GNU or Intel Fortran compiler, e.g., gfortran or ifort
  3. A MPI software, e.g., openmpi, mvapich2, or mpich

NOTE: if you use the GNU C and Fortran compilers, your MPI software should be also compiled by GNU.

The installation of HERCULES is straightforward. If you use GNU compilers, run:


The installation will be automatically done.

NOTE: HERCULES depends on two external libs: FFTW and 2DECOMP_FFT. So when you run, these two libs will be (automatically) compiled first.

If you use Intel compilers, run this instead:


Similarly, you can install HERCULES on Cray by running:


After the installation is done, an executive named hercules.exe should be generated. This is the main program you will use for DNS simulations. In addition, you should see a file named parameters.input which defines the input parameters for the simulations. HERCULES comes with a default parameters.input file for DNS of plane closed-channel flows at Re_tau=180.