Test: Discrete Adjoint with OpenFoam

Test contains a suite of discrete adjoint solvers for OpenFOAM. These adjoint solvers run as standalone executives to compute derivatives. Test also has a Python interface that allows the adjoint solvers to interact with external modules for high-fidelity design optimization. Test has the following features:

  • It implements an efficient discrete adjoint approach with competitive speed, scalability, accuracy, and compatibility.
  • It allows rapid discrete adjoint development for any steady-state OpenFOAM solvers with modifying only O(100) lines of source codes.
  • It supports design optimizations for a wide range of disciplines such as aerodynamics, heat transfer, structures, hydrodynamics, and radiation.

The Test repository comprises of five main directories:

  • applications: adjoint solvers and utilities
  • doc: documentation
  • python: python interface to other optimization packages
  • src: the core Test libraries
  • tutorials: sample optimization setup for each adjoint solver